miercuri, septembrie 17, 2014

Women, eternal novelty

Women, eternal novelty,
Silences crushed only by their lip,
With caresses many times stolen
And with the smile - weapon, but longing too.

Woman loving once and a half
Either flowers, jewelers, stars or sparks,
She makes from life share for share,
And strong men grow up over her steps.

Women always dissatisfied,
Always wanting more and more desire,
Ark soil among mourning rains,
Crystal echoes over the volcano.

Women in the nest bringing the  pray of salt,
With a kiss to their beloved offspring,
As beautiful as unspoken books,
With vivid spirit, always tireless.

Women – odors, women – ethereal,
Inviting women like the new age,
That glow like pearly endlessness,
Apocryphal oceans into an echo.

Epic women, story pages,
Of Penelopes in quixotic odyssey,
They stay in soul eternal wives
Or like under Troy, not in the least too virgin.

Women – martyr, the woman good mother,
Women -  moment, forgotten in times like honey,
Fleshy women, flower under moon,
Loving through abyssal rainbows the trespassing.

The paradise woman, like the warm rain,
Perpetual and tender regenesis,
Ingot women, the muse - woman, hooks women,
We love them all, when the fall doesn’t weep us.

And the spring in long and dull lyrics,
Prolix, with lotus flowers and with gold,
We put the “ Woman “ name in treasure
And recognize you are eternal!

traducere de Monica Muscalu

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Liuba spunea...

wowwwwwwwww What a good transaltion!!!

Truly liked it!

Giancarlo spunea...

Un felice weekend per te.

ionelmuscalu spunea...

Multumesc foarte mult