joi, octombrie 10, 2013

Contemporaneus enchantement

You put in a goblet a wordy dream,
with bees urine and unadorned Christmass tree,
an antirheumatic axiomatical norm,
an anachronism competent like a lobster,
of which, of course, nobody has no idea,
a  picturesque snake from the top of power,
It can be taken off the honey’s caduceus,
a  prophecy from nooks and full of truth
a queen’s wing from a drone,
a foot of lame rabbit,
rescued from sale at the fair,
a profiled fingering, but undiscovered,
a silver bell from the water hath appointed,
the hair from the fox’s tail plucked by the bear,
your lanyard sweater canonically undressed,
the snout  you make, of duckbill,
and flowers liquors from parkas a little,
and then you give a ptiuuu! on the turned anguish
like the dread came from the home-fear,
to send away the cold to wilderness,
beyond the sun milked at west from skull-cap,
by a cooky, beautiful, screwy girl,
special and pulled out from sheath,
in decent, opaque position,
precise and unable of saying boa mot,
mixed with comfort in coolness,
it is put under the full moon like on Vlasie,
giving the homesickness to psalter,
to go where the rotated steps
the love, ungathered, blushing,
the givings to be gone beyond nine,
because over ten only God carries!
and after, the prolix dream is dreamed in a whisper
like a guerrilla gimmick out of tune,
like a hind’s hoof sneaked in
by tipsy herbivorous men rotten as usual, 
because they were over the first craziness-for women,
to reach the contemporary issue
we even make a cormorant to bang
under the Danube of catfish:
He passed under geometrically. What a gentleman!

tr. M.R.M. Monica Rodica Muscalu

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