marți, octombrie 01, 2013

God’s sandal

God, so alone You must have been
That You even created me,
You, natural like a fire column
In the change-burning desert,
Day-night, water-earth, sky-oath,
That I appeared from rainbow,
A kind of infinite opportunities list,
Always snowed in dispelling by everyone,
As if the dust from Your sandal
Would have been abashed by the world scenery
And shaken on lilies pollen
Said the word Fiat, to be made from clay,
And then Lux, to be made from light,
Like an incomparable vision of my body.
Then you walked through a happiness river
And gave me the power to cry an ocean!

Tr. M.R.M. Monica Rodica Muscalu

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De ai putea

Să ții cu tine sufletul aproape, Să-l bucuri cu pădure și cu ape, Cu flori să îl dezmierzi în orice vis Și-n inimă să-ți faci un paradis....