Quarks and gluon

Today I won’t digress over any theme,
We all know that in the world exist caterpillars,
Stories from  leaves, coat of arms symbols,
And a clay star from bricks piece.

The same world, only retold,
Changing the queen from dictionary,
With the wheel, the sword, the rope, the fate
That converts her into saint in calendar.

A languorous world caught in adventure,
So much from flash, still throwing sins,
Which any form you put it, it’s still torture,
Of mysterious deprivation of freedom.

Lunging words, amazing each-other with schemes,
We render sick speaking about health,
We impoverish our present with dilemmas,
For which the rich give retreading answers.

A song, a glass, a breast, a croup,
A horse, a hunt, a sea, a ghost,
An absurd theatre, cosmicallized war,
When the truth is simple is E=mc2.


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