joi, octombrie 03, 2013

Hibernating ships…

I see you now in every moment,
In birds, fishes, forest or on land,
You are the heart and you are even wing,
I am the one who believes in you continuously.

You are dance, flight, you are rain and darkness,
I am rare book and dictionary,
You are birds sky and Homeric war,
I am a second in your time at least.

You see me, I see you, we go our road further,
From eaves flow icicles-like streams,
Alumna stories put in book are born,
You call me silently from times too late.

You rise on sky, New moon, but it is dark,
I see you lost, I look for you ceaselessly,
I wait for you to pass by, I wait for you to come, like water lily,
Like a thought spring that flooded.

At the window, on streets, in river or in sea,
I’ve seen once your haughty mast,
I am, among poppies, whitened hectic by the sun,
You trouble me with dry winds offshore.

We build today our temper reality, almost naturally,
Common and broken as if the dear ethereal scenery,
Would be the matrix of the clay horizons. And then rural,
Preoccupied and lazy we adapt… to the same numerical.

Tr. M.R.M.-Monica Rodica Muscalu

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