Life chafed by mysteries

Burning frenzy torch, falling waterfall,
Agitating rains, and wind, and sun, and earth.

You laugh when the storm overwhelms you,
The life dogs bark in wilderness,
Plundered by thieves who have no fate,
I don’t know anymore something only I know.

To laugh when Fortuna is trying you,
Distinguished smile, like a bullfighter
Exclaiming on and on watched by your fate:
I know how to live feeling like a gladiator.

Gathering in gestures tomorrow’s elucidations
Which you turn into gone gold,
Even you mistake when you’re skillful with mysteries
Your value, as you are predisposed.
Still daring, more than a while,
You know well you will be lucky at dawn
Willow forests, entire everglades of signs,
Even the angels deeply merciful.

Brash you’ve never been and you won’t be today,
Don’t keep the falderal, hypocrisies,
The faith in tomorrow you don’t leave
When you have hope in work and you know it!

Tr. M.R.M.- Monica Rodica Muscalu


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