joi, septembrie 26, 2013

I am lost in your soul…

I’ve got lost in your soul
You don’t show me the way anymore,
I am tired from so much walking,
When I knock at  clandestine gates.

Here exist endless roads
And states I’ve never seen before,
Besides calm lakes,
Flowers volcanoes erupt ceaselessly.

In paved fields
And with perfumed smell,
Tireless bees
Put the honey in a clean dream.

From horizon storms are seen,
I take cover under your eyes,
Here crazy people haven’t passed by,
To carry sparks in chests.

In the silence so pure
Only the cares hurt,
I am lost in your soul,
Loving you truly.
This much I wanted to stay here,
In the snowed heaven of the soul,
That I furrowed with water lilies
The undefiled destiny.

To the life crossroads
Existed nameless fountains,
In them I rinsed the hope
And I spent an abyss.

I am lost in your soul,
I hope now finally,
When autumns cry in my walking
That everything is relative.

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