duminică, septembrie 22, 2013

Vertical heartsick

Vertical heartsick for another torch,
For another light arouse from body,
A vizcain sky sits in line,
To pass it through the ozone screwed sieve,
Loving the flicker with longing to the death,
Wanting you harshly, you-star and you-eye,
I drown in blue on either side
And I blow green the happiness to the poplars.

Drop yellow the bay-leaves,
Orange eclipses turn back later,
With phoenix feathers gold plated
You urge me to dimensions that I don’t know.
A moment red sky I see from far away
Over the indigo hurt ocean,
In vain with violet trot it separates us
The light shore that knows where.

In vain we look for salvation in grey histories,
In vain in rebels systems,
History is dead, itself looking the state
In which people are dignified and clean,
Through novel texts written on skin
With silver needles enough poisoned,
I look for the light risen from stars.

Unchained to our cry-rainbow
In the sky or in meat, in tomorrows,
Arsenic favors are served to you in surplus
And vertical longing sloops to your bread,
While another torch lights up in a smile.

Trad. M.R.M. Monica Rodica Muscalu

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