The charcoal wrote on glass…

Hey, what a joy squashes  my eyelids!
 I made   friends with a flame from thunder
And I can’t contemplate the world
 But only with the thought seed
And  that only for a few pop-eyed seconds,
 Dreamy and  Imitative fat,
 So that the natural of the flies Buzzes
With their transistors Through eyelashes.
As if  I had a thousand antenna.
Naturally, any  branch, any leaf,
Any piece of sky makes the step
Inside me like a dance of  the nightmares,
 Like an intuitive tango of  profound essence.
Of the meaning of things.
Come, name of value and give me a crown,
Chase my  food through papillae
So that I can feel it almost  aquatical,
Like a star mixed into  darkness lake waves,
When the wind floods me braking the thistles,
 Banishing the bats from the caves of my thoughts,
 In a red labels flight,
Stuck on the no price fruits from my mother’s basket!
Come and color with meaning my only woman,
The only kiss and the only appearance of  star Anahoret!

 On daylight and in the Sun.

Tr. M.R.M. Monica Rodica Muscalu


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