joi, septembrie 12, 2013

Sarayli of smoke

In your eyes I would be lost forever,
And I would have given my life for a kiss,
Your perfume I could use as shield,
Even against the dull destiny,
That the night hides into my sheets.
I would see only queens in your hair,
I, saint-drone, too-protected to be,
Exempt from pollen, wax and stamens,
When I harbor myself with liliaceous gold,
And you to stay as a bee in needle on delicate eyelashes.
In the palate I could see only stars,
There’s The Great Bear and the brood-hen between them,
When from flower sob it breathes only honey,
Then the first snow keeps me among clouds,
To harbor in dream your light and your ingots.
As my heart is white as an acacia flower,
I’m waiting you to scour it through the jeweled road,
When dry seasons, all-encompassing,
Descend on your ankle too-discouraging,
Rarefied is my sky, and my only sweetness -  Sarayli of smoke .

@trad. MRM_Monica Muscalu

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