joi, septembrie 12, 2013


The province engurgitates you with her dizzy thirst
Day after day in the slime of the lost seconds
And when the time screams and you have no place to hide
The bloody beast catches and steals you.
Like locust egg you erupt into a field,
Like locust egg you politely injure
The statue of a plain and the lively flame
Of man soled on mercantile doings.
Clothed in algae that decayed the day before yesterday,
The province sticks to people like a glue
It has you bended with a dime in pokets,
And the filthy green elapses in your eyes.
Republic of terror with dust full of dilemmas,
To pass or to walk into the hard routine,
A moment of tension, a year for curses
On the stereotype scale of “to exist”.
Poem with compromises, the rheumatism stubs you
In the foot implanted into your meat hunger
And if it asks your head or bones it wants to crush you,
The depleted province sells your fatalism.

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